Brief History


Sponsored by the Church Extension Society, and backed by the First Congregational Churches of Los Angeles and Pasadena and the Oneona Congregational Church of South Pasadena , Arcadia Congregational Church was established in 1951 and our current property was obtained in 1952.

Our church property was once the home of Prince Erik of Denmark . The beautiful home in which he lived  is now appropriately named Prince Erik Hall. This large facility currently houses our Sunday School, Outreach Programs, and Fellowship Events. It is also used by people throughout Southern California for parties and receptions.

Our sanctuary, which was completed in 1962, was designed around a double-footed cross. One leg of this cross penetrates the roof and forms the support for the pulpit. The other leg can be seen paralleling the north wall of the building. The inner part of the cross represents our spiritual journey, while its outer portion represents our call to be servants in the world. It is a wonderful place to hold weddings and baptisms.






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